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Muji mini drawers ♥

I have a lots of little bits and bobs that I use when I’m embroidering. You know, transfer pens, needles, pins, etc etc. They used to be all over the place.. often going walkabouts just when I needed them! That happens to you too, right?! Or is just me…

But no more, oh no. Since I bought this genius little box with drawers all those little bits have an actual home. And because it’s transparent I can see at a glance if the thing I need is actually in there. The box sits on the shelf under our coffee table, within easy reach of where I usually sit and embroider, but because it is so compact, it doesn’t look messy.

I also put a few other essentials in the box: glue, lip balm and a couple of pens. So I’m prepared for anything! Well, sort of. ;-)

Another brilliant thing about the box is that the top is actually a lid that you can flip up so you don’t have to pull out the top drawer. That may seem superfluous, but I really like that! I think you can juuust tell that the lid is flipped open in the photo below.

I love this so much I think I may have to get another one for my desk. My desk is always full of random little bits that have no proper home, but have somehow ended up living on the desk….


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