Do you love pens too?

Some of my pen stash
I looooove pens! I have an ever expanding collection. Because obviously you need different pens for different purposes. Right? Do you have any favourite pens? Or pens you really don’t like?

Here are some of the pens in my stash:

Stabilo Point 88 – it’s nice for drawing with, but it doesn’t have a lot of personality. If that makes sense..

Uniball Jetstream – a nice retractable ball point pen, nothing fancy. Usually lives on my desk for taking notes etc.

Stabilo Pen 68 – I really like these for colouring sketches and stuff. They have a nice felt tip and come in lots of colours!

Lamy Safari – sometimes only a fountain pen will do and this is a nice one! Plus it’s not too expensive.

Staedtler triplus color – also nice for colouring sketches, but not quite as nice as the Stabilo.

Pilot Acroball – another decent ball point pen.

Preppy Fountain Pen – this is a cheap fountain pen and you can tell when you use it. But it’s PINK and that makes it all ok.

Pentel HyperG – ok, I’ll be honest, I mainly got this for the colour, purple! But it is a nice pen as well. I actually like it so much I got some refills for it!

Copic Sketch Marker – I don’t use these that much, but it’s great for arty sketching or colouring in sketches. Although it is a quite smelly pen. Definitely don’t want to use that for too long at a time..

Faber Castell Pitt B – this is also nice for colouring, and you can use it on its own. It has a longish, almost brush-like, felt tip. It comes in a fairly big range of colours but the colours are slightly more muted than the Stabilo 68 or the Staedtler.

Pentel Sign Pen – another felt tip, but more rigid than the others. It’s nice to colour/sketch with, but it’s even better to write with. The name kinda gives it away, right? Comes in several colours too.

Uniball Signo Gel Grip – this is my favourite pen by far! I’ve been using it for years. I have several all over the place: in bags, my desk, with other pens etc. It’s a ball point pen, but it feels very inky and you can vary the size of the line. And it’s waterproof which is good because it means I can use it with watercolour washes. :-)

Sharpie Mini – everyone needs a Sharpie, right? To be honest, the reason I got the Mini version is that I wanted green and orange and they were in this Mini set which was also cheaper. Win-win.

Some of my pen stash
I’ve got a couple of white pens for the odd occasion where I need one of those:

Uni Posca – this will write on pretty much anything, which is very useful! And it’s fairly opaque too.

Uniball Signo – not as opaque as the Posca, but it’s nice for adding white highlights to watercolours for example.

And honourable mention for my tablet/phone stylus. Sometimes it’s just easier to use something pen like on those devices. It feels awkward to draw or write directly with my finger, but with a stylus it’s like using a pen or pencil.

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