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Hello! What are you up to? I hope it’s something slightly more interesting than what I’m working on lately. It isn’t always just crafty fun over here. For a looooong while I’ve been wanting to update some of my old tutorials. Nothing major, just increase the size of the photos, mainly. It’s kinda boring work.. but someone’s gotta do it, right?

When I first started this blog (back in the internet bronze ages in 2006), the photos I used were a lot smaller than the ones I use now. Just look at that comparison up there – the photos in the new version are almost twice the size! Yay!

I’m also adding a bigger watermark/copyright thingy to those tutorial photos (and probably some other photos too) – because on several occasions I’ve seen every single photo from a particular tutorial re-blogged (without permission!) on someone else’s blog. Which is annoying to say the least – and what’s even worse is that some of those people cut off the previous copyright thingy! Seriously, what the *bleep*?! Hopefully, the new style will be less easy to tamper with.

I am really on the fence about allowing pinning from my blog because a lot of Pinterest users don’t seem to care much about whether their pins go back to the actual source of a photo. And I have other issues with Pinterest too, but that’s not the point of this post. ;-)

Anyway. Once I’ve finished overhauling the tutorials (or most of them, atleast) I may enable pinning from the blog. This is not a promise, though! I’m still making my mind up. ;-)

The tutorials that have had a makeover so far: No foundation-chain crochet tutorial, crochet granny triangle tutorial, sewing machine mat. When I was redoing the sewing machine mat tutorial it reminded of a comment it got a little while after I’d posted it. It went something like “why would you bother making one when you can just buy a cheap place mat?” Isn’t that the oddest comment? Oh well. ;-)

xo, Carina

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