Quick colourful paper decor idea!

Paper flower decoration

Yesterday was a tough one.. I had a migraine like I’ve not had it in ages and ages. It just would not budge. And in consequence I got very very little done. Boo.

In the afternoon I found some scraps of coloured paper and my big flower punch in a random pile on my desk and all of a sudden I had this idea for colourful paper flowers. It took all of five minutes to do this! Just about what I could manage. And it gave me small sense of accomplishment… ;-)

Paper flower decoration

It’s super simple: cut/punch colourful paper into shapes. Then fold bits of washi tape back on themselves to create ‘double sided tape’. You could use BlueTack or regular double sided tape. But only use it if you’re sure it won’t leave marks on the wall/surface or peel off paint/wallpaper.

Paper flower decoration

Stick onto the flowers and then press them onto the wall. Easy-peasy splashes of colour in no time! :-)

Happy weekend!

xo, Carina

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