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I got these two books for my birthday and I’m really liking them. As you can see, there are quite a lot of recipes I want to try! As I was sticking those tiny post-its on the pages I got to thinking I needed a system. A system for keeping track of the recipes I’d tried and like. And the recipes I’d tried and disliked.

So I made one up! I may be the obvious way to do it, but it was a ligthbulb moment for me! ;-) Maybe it will be helpful to someone else so I thought I’d share it.

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All the recipes I want to try get a post-it along the top edge. Once I’ve tried it AND liked it, I move the post-it to the side edge of the book.

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For those recipes I’ve tried and didn’t like, I simply move the post-it inside the book. That way I’ll know that I don’t need to try the recipe again. But the unappealing recipe post-its won’t be mixed with the ones I like.

I haven’t tried the Spicy Soup there – this is just an example. ;-)

How do you keep track of which recipes you like/dislike in cook books?

xo, Carina

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