I *heart* watercolour

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Yesterday I played with some new watercolours I got for my birthday. Liquid watercolours! Their colours are really strong and saturated. Love, love that! They’re called Dr.Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Watercolour Inks. I’ve only got 5 colours for now as they are pretty pricey – but I’m going to add more to my stash.

If only I had more time to play with watercolours.. I feel really rusty!

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Watercolours are ‘play’ for me. It’s nice to play sometimes. And not always work. Even if my work is mostly creative… the brain needs rest. So maybe it’s ok that the result of my watercolour play isn’t something I’d put on my wall. It’s ok to make things just for fun, get messy.. there doesn’t always have to be a reason or purpose..

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xo, Carina

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