Maybroidery day 15-22

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Another week’s worth of evening embroideries… Here’s the post with day 1-14.

Sometimes the previous evening’s inspired the following day’s exploration. Especially in the case of some of the geometric ones. I didn’t expect I’d do as many geometric ones as I have. I thought it’d all be little drawings. I even had sketches! ;-)

I love how the stitcheries have been a surprise to me. That’s partly what I was hoping would happen, to be honest. Hooray for not always planning everything in advance! :-)

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A few have emailed me asking if these will be available as patterns. Thank you so much for that! I had no plans whatsoever for that when I started this little project. But since you’re asking, I’m happy to oblige. :-)

They will be available as a collection in a couple of weeks. Unlike my usual patterns they will not have colour guides because I have not kept track of the colours. And for some of them, where I have just used a single stitch, I will not draw the ‘pattern’ but will include a description of what I’ve done.

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xo, Carina

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