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Last week I talked about why I add watermarks to my photos. Today I’ll show how I add those watermarks. I use Gimp which is an image editing program like Photoshop. Except it’s absolutely free! You will need to install the program on your computer – it’s not a web based one. Find Gimp here. In my humble opinion web based editors shouldn’t replace a proper program on your computer. But hey, that’s just me. ;-)

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I have made my watermark text as a .png image with a transparent background, no need to type it every time I need a watermark! I have a folder with several colours and sizes of the watermark. But the one I use the most sits on my desktop.

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Once I’ve edited and resized my photo, I simply drag and drop the watermark file into the image in Gimp. And that’s basically it!

A note about the size of the images you put on your blog/other places online: I usually resize my photos to 700px wide (sometimes I go a bit wider, but it depends on the photo). That makes it fairly big on screen but it’s not big enough to be of printable quality, meaning that it’s less likely that someone will steal my images and use them in print without my permission.

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The watermark is automatically placed in the centre of the image but that’s not always the best placement, so I usually move it (left arrow). And then I also change the opacity (right arrow) to somewhere around 50% – that’s a bit more subtle than 100%. But it also depends on the background. On darker backgrounds the watermark can be at 30% opacity sometimes.

Then I save the image and I’m all done. Adding the watermark only takes an extra couple of seconds and it’s well worth it! And these days it’s a habit for me, I don’t even have to think about it.

In the next post I’ll show you how to make the watermark .png file.

xo, Carina

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