Google Reader replacement – still dragging my feet..!

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So, just under a week until Google Reader is no more. Have you decided on a replacement yet? I haven’t yet, to be perfectly honest with ya. I guess I’m still in denial a little bit – hoping that they will change their minds. They won’t, of course. I know that. Still..

Anyway. At the moment Feedly (1) looks like a good candidate. Although there is something about it that kinda annoys me.. but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I quite like Bloglovin’ (2) too, but I annoys me that I have to click over to each blog to read it. I subscribe to a lot of blogs, so that just takes extra time I haven’t really got. I like the convenience of reading blogs in one place. If you have decided Bloglovin’ is your choice you can follow my blog right here. :-)

The other day I came across a third option called CommaFeed (3). It looks and behaves a lot like Google Reader, but it is kinda slow. Hopefully these performance problems will be sorted out soon. If they are then I think this will be my replacement.

Of course, there are loads of other ones, all slightly different. But regardless which reader we decide on in the end: don’t forget to download/export your Google Reader data for easy set up of your new reader. Yes, I know that a lot of them offer automatic sync etc, but it’s probably not a bad idea to have that information downloaded to your own computer. Just in case. ;-)

What reader are you going to use? One of these three? Something else?

xo, Carina

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