Google Reader replacement – it won’t be Feedly!

I’ve decided that Feedly most definitely will not be my new RSS reader. For one thing, I knew there were some issues with privacy and what information it *needs* access to. But I hadn’t realised exactly how much it can access until I read this post by Alice of the futuregirl craft blog.

The Feedly plug-in can see all my usernames and passwords when I log into sites. It can see my bank statements. It can read my email. It can access EVERYTHING I do on the internet in chrome.

Erm. No thanks.

Another reason is that it was basically messing with my computer! For a little while my computer wouldn’t shut down properly because an unnamed program was preventing it from doing so. I’d have to force close it each and every time. Wednesday afternoon I uninstalled the Feedly plugin from Chrome and when I shut down the computer in the evening, it did it without being forced. So, Feedly’s not for me.

Instead I’ve been playing around with a few other options: Ridly and InoReader, FlowReader, Hive Reader and the Digg Reader.

They all work similarly to Google Reader, but most of them don’t have an Android app – and I do a lot of blog reading on my mobile, so that’s a minus for me. Ridly doesn’t have their own mobile app, but it works with an app called Reader. It’s easy to set up and easy to use so I think I may actually have found my replacement! Although I’m also really liking the Digg Reader and hopefully they will roll out an Android app soon. Fingers crossed. :-)

Have you moved your RSS subscriptions yet? Don’t forget Google Reader closes down on July 1st. That’s tomorrow! Whatever reader you’ve decided to use, do export all your feeds to your computer!

xo, Carina

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