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Time seems to be flying past so fast. What is up with that? It’s already July!? I’ve decided that I want to do a post each month with a few snaps that shows some of what I’ve been up to the previous month. You know, so I’ll remember when I’m old. ;-)

Oh by the way! Would you help me with something? It’s a bit of a prank, but it’s a nice one! It will surprise and delight someone you don’t even know. But this will only work if quite a few people join in, so I really hope you will. Here, read all about it! :-)

In June Tony and I went to a Green Day concert at the Emirates Stadium where we paid a king’s ransom for a portion of chips!

In June I went to the Kaffe Fassett exhibit at the Fashion and Textile Museum with Julie. It felt very.. saturated. I liked the watercolours best.

In June there was a wee interview with me on the Sweet Kiwi Crochet blog.

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In June we took some measurements…

In June I did a bit of knitting.

In June there were pretty sunsets.

In June I was impressed with the display of fake flowers in IKEA.

In June I did a bit of sewing for a project that will be in a book… shhhh…

In June I made pesto.

xo, Carina

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