Coconut lemon ice cream recipe

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Ice cream is the perfect summer treat! But what do you do when you want ice cream without dairy and most brands available in the supermarket are made with, well, cream? You make your own, of course, and it’s really, really easy!

Some people use bananas as the ‘base’ for dairy free ice cream, but I don’t like bananas, so what’s a girl to do? Coconut milk to the rescue! It almost has ice cream texture before you even do anything with it. Perfect!

What you need:
1 tin of coconut milk (not the stuff you buy in cartons as a milk replacement!)
2 medium size lemons
100 grams of caster sugar (or regular sugar if that’s what you’ve got) – or you could use stevia or nectar, but I haven’t tried either with this recipe so can’t tell you how much you’d need.

Blender or ice cream maker

How to make it:
Put the tin of coconut milk in the fridge overnight or for several hours so the milk thickens.

Squeeze out the lemon juice. You can also add lemon zest, but then your lemons should be non-waxed.

Put the ingredients in the blender. The coconut milk will be a big gloopy block of coconut goodness with a bit of oil as well. Just pour it all in. Blend everything until it’s a smooth mix. Put in a container, stick it in the freezer and wait for it to freeze…! Checking it every 20 minutes will *not* make it freeze faster…

I do not have an ice cream maker, so you’ll have to check the instructions for how to use it… ;-)

You can add juice from more lemons if you like. I first made this recipe using just one lemon but that was no near lemon-y enough for me! I think next time I might do it with frozen fruit instead of lemon juice. Should be interesting!

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Here’s the finished article in a nice crunchy cone ready to be eaten! Excuse the slight blur.. I was in a hurry ‘coz the ice cream was starting to melt. ;-)

xo, Carina

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