Fabric panels in the shop!

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I am sooo excited about these new things in my shop. They’ve been in the works for quite a long while. So the excitement is double because they are finally here! Fabric panels that you can stitch on – embellish in any way you like and then use for all kinds of things.

All these panels come with a bit of embroidery floss in random colours to get you started with the stitching straight away.

At the moment, these panels are available to pre-order only. I’m expecting to receive the panels in 2-3 weeks, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share them! :-)

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First, here’s a Matryoshka doll softie panel – which you may recognise from the Matryoshka embroidery pattern. It has gone through a couple of tests to get her all ready to be stitched and played with.

You can add as much or as little embroidery as you like. I kept it fairly simple on mine, mostly satin stitching. And a combination of back stitch and Turkey stitch to add 3D fringes on the shawl. It’s my favourite bit! :-)

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And there are fabric panels too! I made them into pillow cases, because well, why not! :-) And a pillow case is quick to make. I am a fan of almost-instant craft gratification. The smaller panel would also be super cute in a quilt.

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The Doodle Flowers panel is a flower doodle (hence the name – so clever, eh?) drawn in pen combined with watercolour. It has a very hand drawn feel to it because I didn’t stay inside the lines with the watercolour. I covered all the pen lines with embroidery (mostly back stitch) and then I made it up into the pillow cover you see above. Mmm.. green and pink! :-)

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The Watercolour Flowers panel gets its name from being drawn/painted entirely with watercolours. And it sports largeish poppy type flowers. For this one I kept my stitching simple, just a bit of daisy stitches, fly stitches or cross stitches around the centre of some of the flowers. But obviously you can add lots more stitching to it if you fancy!

xo, Carina

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