Getting ready for the Fat Quarterly Retreat

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Tomorrow I’m off to the Fat Quarterly Retreat. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. And looking forward to seeing Nicole again, yay!

If I can fit it into my bag I’m going to bring this floss box. I like having a selection of colours with me! I’ve surprised myself that I’ve actually taken to winding floss around bobbins! I find that really tedious, so I only do it when a skein starts to tangle too much. But it does make it easier to fit more floss into the box.

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Luckily, the large compartment is just large enough for my embroidery scissors (Fiskars, in case you’re wondering). And I made a wee pincushion to fit into one of the smaller compartments. Now if someone would invent a collapsible hoop that would also fit in the box and I’d be all set to embroider on the go! :-)

Photos from the retreat next week – unless I’m too exhausted! ;-) If I have time while there, I may post a few snaps on Instagram (I’m @carinacraftblog). I’m especially looking forward to meeting Lucie Summers and taking a class she’s teaching.

I hope you have a fun weekend!!

xo, Carina

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