Wednesday visits, August 7

This is going to be a regular-ish series: a post with a bunch of links I’ve liked in the past week, that I think you might like too. Nothing like wasting a bit of time on the internet to help get through ‘hump day’, eh? ;-)

Use doilies and spray paint to stencil patterns on umbrellas, with a wonderful effect!

Photos of famous landmarks while they were still under construction. I love the ones of the Eiffel Tower! I just finished reading Paris, a novel by Edward Rutherfurd, where he also describes how the tower was built, so those photos made come to life! [book title is an affiliate link]

PlaidMaker – if you’ve always wanted to make your own tartan pattern! And I guess you could also use it as inspiration for a quilt?

Griottes – beautiful photography, lovely colours.

Mini Fashion Protest Banners campaignLove Fashion Hate Sweatshops

Navigating food allergies and dietary restrictions on Design*Sponge. I’m ‘officially’ vegetarian, but eat vegan unless it’s absolutely impossible, I really appreciate it when people have an option for me. Or ask me and we can sort something out – I’m always happy to bring a dish myself. :-)

Speaking of being vegan, if you are one, you might need help explaining your ‘crazy’ choice to the people around you. Check out the free ebook “Mom, Dad, I’m Vegan“. (You do have to sign up for a newsletter to get the ebook, though.)

Amazing vegetable carving. Seriously, go check this out!

And finally, if you’re still looking for a Google Reader replacement, I really like InoReader. I’ve been using it for just about two months now. It is very much like GR, and when I imported my feeds it kept everything in folders and favourites just like I had it in GR. Plus you can see stats about the individual feeds, including your own. Of course, that is only really useful if lots of people start using it. ;-)

xo, Carina

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