Fat Quarterly Retreat – Part Two

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{Here’s the first part of my Retreat posts..}

Saturday morning was the class I had especially been looking forward to: Improv with Lucie Summers. No precise measuring needed in this class, now that’s my kind of quilting! Playing with fabric without thinking too much. So much fun! I didn’t want to stop for lunch. And Lu was lovely, and exactly like I imagined her.

It was really interesting how quite a few of the others in the class were a little bit uncomfortable with this type of piecing. I guess ‘proper’ quilters are so used to being quite precise, so I can see how this would be very different for them.

I’m the opposite, preciseness doesn’t come naturally to me.. ;-)

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Some of Lu’s improv quilts. Aren’t they pretty?!

I’ll show you the blocks I made – as soon as I take some photos of them. You know, I didn’t bring my camera to the Retreat, there was just too much other stuff to bring. And I’m glad I made do with my mobile because I didn’t really take that many pictures. I was too busy sewing and stuff! :-)

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Snap from the hotel foyer for no real reason. It was a nice hotel, though! Radisson Edwardian, in case you’re wondering. But I hear the breakfast isn’t so great, so I just bought my breakfast from a baker’s around the corner. My breakfast needs are simple and I don’t even drink coffee or tea. ;-)

Saturday afternoon was another class I was looking forward to: Trapunto with Ruth Singer. This is a really interesting technique. It’s actually really simple. But depending on the shapes it can be more fiddly. I’m definitely going to have a play with this once I have some spare time.

After another dinner and chat in the lovely company of my Dutch embroidery bestie it was back to the Retreat venue for a quilt market. I had brought along some fabric squares printed with some of my patterns and sold a few of those. And chatted about embroidery with a bunch of people. It was very nice (and a little bit strange) to meet people who actually knew who I was. Wow!

Nicole and I went back to the hotel fairly early because we were kinda tired.  So much new stuff to take in!

xo, Carina

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