What I made at the Fat Quarterly Retreat

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I think I mentioned in my other posts about the Fat Quarterly Retreat that I learnt a lot – especially about precision piecing! But in the Improv class I also picked up a few tricks. And just had a lot of fun playing with fabric without too much thinking. I like that!

I made this block, which is made up of 4 smaller blocks all made from strips of different widths. The large block was supposed to be put together a bit differently, but I actually quite like it the way it is. And the way some of the same fabrics or colours have lined up by pure accident! :-)

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Uploaded on Razzi.me Uploaded on Razzi.me
Next, this block which could have been made into a chevron type design, but with the addition of the centre strips I guess it’s more of a feather design. I’d never made something like this before, it was so fun to try something new!

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Lucie also showed us a neat trick for doing curves, it’s like magic! And because this was improv, it didn’t have to be absolutely exact. Which mine definitely aren’t. But I quite like how one of the curves are larger than the others so it sort breaks up the design…

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Now the Precision Piecing. That was a bit of a learning curve, but in the end it was pretty awesome. I like when my brain gets a bit of exercise. ;-)

I think maybe I should have selected two fabrics with a bit more contrast than these two. They sorta blend into each other so you don’t maybe see the design of the block itself so well. On the other hand… It’s kinda nice that maybe you don’t notice the block design straight away…

Uploaded on Razzi.me Uploaded on Razzi.me

xo, Carina

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