A question about a wall

Studio - looking into kitchen
Can I pick your brain about something? This is one of the walls in my studio – looking into the kitchen. Which is quite nice. It is kinda separate from the rest of the house but because of this opening, it doesn’t feel completely cut off.

Anyway, this wall is slightly mind boggling.

Studio wall
Apart from the fact that it is pretty grubby, what on earth is going on with those panels and weird screw covers or whatever? This wall needs some serious attention!

This is my question: what would you do with it? I mean, could it somehow be made useful? It’s not really good for putting shelves on because of the other furniture and the door on the left. So, any ideas for how I can make it useful? Cheap ideas, s’il vous plaît. ;-)

And also, any good ideas for covering those weird screw things that doesn’t require taking the panels off or crazy stuff like that..?

Studio wall

xo, Carina

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