Christmas Stitchalong Club

Christmas Stitchalong Club

Join me for some Christmas stitchalong fun!

Do you remember Maybroidery? My personal daily stitching project in May. I really enjoyed that and I want to do some more daily(ish) stitching, but I want to do a stitchalong this time. Because you know, why stitch alone when you can stitch along? ;-)

So from Monday (Oct 14th) I’m doing a bit of weekly stitching with a Christmas theme – and I’d love if you’d join me! This is not a daily stitching project. Instead there will be 2-3 small motifs each week for four weeks and in the end we’ll put them together to make a finished project. Each motif can be finished in 1-2 hours, so it should be possible to finish them in a week. But if you don’t.. no biggie! No pressure, we’ll stitch for our own enjoyment. :-)

I can’t show you what we’ll be stitching because I’m stitching along too! I have a plan for the motifs, but I’m not stitching them beforehand. We’re doing this together, yo!

Sign up here and read about the schedule and what the end project will be. If you sign up by Friday (October 11th) you can sign up for just $5 by entering this code: STITCHXMAS

I hope you’ll stitch with me! :-)

Christmas Stitchalong Club

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