Improvised sewing machine mat

Sewing machine mat

Last week I let work be work for a couple of hours and just got busy with some fabric and my sewing machine. Sometimes I just have to make things for the enjoyment of making.. It can’t all be work-making. So I made this new sewing machine mat, using some of the techniques in Quilt Improv.

Sewing machine mat

I really enjoyed it! And especially trying out the technique for making these circles. Awesome stuff. :-)

Sewing machine mat

And here’s my sewing machine on the mat. I like how cheerful it is. And especially that vintage yellow fabric that makes up most of it (thank you, Julie!) Yellow is nice for brightening a grey day…

Sewing machine mat

And look! My sewing machine has a dedicated space where it is out of the way but can be easily pulled out when I want to do some sewing. I can’t even tell you awesome this is! For years sewing meant clearing the dining table and getting the sewing machine from another room and often times searching for the extension lead.. no more. I can just switch it on and I’m ready to go. So happy.

Have you made your own sewing machine mat? I few years ago I made another one, with a tutorial, and someone left a really puzzling comment. Something like “why would you bother making one when you buy a cheap one at Some Big Box Store? I’d rather spend time sewing a real project.”

Hm. Isn’t that the oddest thing? I don’t know about you but part of the joy of sewing, of creating, is to also have nice looking surroundings and tools if possible. I made my own sewing machine mat with materials I already had on hand, in colours I love.. instead of buying a cheap plastic (no doubt) mat from Some Big Box Store. Surely that is a good thing? A creative thing?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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