Memories of lace

Farmors lace making tools

Today’s post was supposed to be the next in the Corners & Curves mini series, but, alas, I have been ill most of this week. Some kind of bug that Tony very kindly passed on to me. :-/ Thankfully, I am feeling loads better now. So anyway, instead of a post about curves, I’m going to show you something which I am really, really excited about.

A little while ago, my mum asked me if I wanted my late Farmor’s lace making tools. My aunt had kept them (these past 10 years since Farmor passed away) but never got round to giving lace making a go. My mum barely finished her question before I was telling her “yes, I want them, please!”

Farmors lace making tools

I don’t really have anything that belonged to my Farmor, no jewellery or anything. But in a way, this means more. Having the tools she used and loved. She didn’t take up lace making until she was in her 70s I think. Maybe late 60s. She could do any craft and I feel very connected with her through all the crafty things I do. Although I’m nowhere near as good as her. I dedicated Stitched Blooms to her as well. I really wish she could have seen my book. I think she would have got a real kick out of that.

I have no idea if I’ll have the same knack for lace making but I’ll definitely give it a go. And regardless of whether I can figure it out, I’ll treasure these tools very much. :-)

Farmors lace making tools

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