Week two – project 365

8-11 January - 365 pattern

These are the patterns I’ve made in the last week. I find it quite interesting to see how each pattern is different from the next, but sometimes they have stuff in common. Some patterns are drawn really quickly because it’s late in the evening and I realise I haven’t done the pattern and then I just do Something to not miss a day. ;-)

Some patterns I don’t like. The top left one in the image above. Not liking that one so much. I think maybe it’s because of the black underneath the colours. Makes it look all muddy and dark. I much prefer when the colours have free reigns and can be their own colourful selves. :-)

12-14 January - 365 pattern

I mentioned having trouble scanning the pages and decided that scanning it just wasn’t worth the hassle. Now I just snap a photo with my mobile and email the photos to myself and put the weekly collages together on the computer. The collages are a way of documenting the project, and for that purpose I don’t need them to be hi-res scans or photos.

And to be honest with myself, if the documenting of the patterns is a big job then I’d probably give up within a month. I feel very comfortable on the path of least resistance. ;-)

Inspired - January 14 - 365 pattern

This is the pattern I drew today. I was inspired by this jacket from Monsoon – lots of pattern going on there! But strangely, my drawing has very very little resemblance to the jacket fabric. Obviously I wouldn’t want to copy the Monsoon design but I find it fascinating that my pattern was so different.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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