Week four – project 365

22-25 January - 365 patterns
Wow, this is the patterns from week 4.. the past weeks have just flown by. And yet it feels like January is incredibly sluggish. Some kind of timey wimey thing going on?

I’m not so happy about my doodles this week.. dunno what’s up with that. But I guess it’s silly to think I’ll love every single one of these. ;-)

26-28 January - 365 patterns
I do like the one from today, on the right here. I think I’d like to have that in my fabric stash! :-)

January 28 - inspired by Matisse
It’s inspired by a detail of a Matisse painting. Good old Matisse. His work always inspires me to see things differently. And I think I do need to be bolder with these doodles/patterns.

So far I’ve drawn patterns that are easily repeatable. Mostly geometric. It feels very safe. And I don’t want them to be safe. I want to explore. Be messy. Take chances. Not be afraid of doing something that is ugly. Ugly can be good too. So my mission for February is definitely going to be to be more bold! :-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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