This is what colour feels like to me

New mobile phone cover

For a while I have been thinking about what colour means to me. How I feel about it. How to describe what colour feels like. How to explain my reaction to seeing a really nice colour combination and one day it occurred to me that it’s actually really simple.

You know when you hear a song you really like and you have a physical reaction – you can’t help but smile, right? This is how I feel about colour: colour is music to my eyes. When I see a great colour combination I can feel it in my eyes. They widen and send a ‘this is awesome’ signal to the brain. Colour makes me happy. So very happy. :-)

I did a crazy embroidery with lots of colours (and no plan, really) so I could have a phone cover made. It makes me happy to look at. :-)

Speaking of colour – the second part in the colour workshop I wrote is on the Lark crafts blog now. There’s a giveaway as well. I feel I should point out that the giveaway is sadly only open to US peeps. The third and final part will be on the LC blog tomorrow, so do pop over and check it out if you fancy.

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