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Instagram Inspired

Light & Colour, the upcoming class I’m teaching, is quite practical. Buuut, just because something is practical doesn’t mean it can’t be fun as well.

One of the less practical things I’m going to show how to do, is adding Instagram style filters to photos that have been nowhere near your mobile phone. I’ll show you how to make them too!

Photo up there has had a bit of ‘work’ done to it to give it a different mood. Below is what it looked like before..

Morning blossoms

I don’t often show photos that I have played with like this, but I actually do it quite a lot. Just play around with the program (the Gimp) to see what happens when I do this or that. I think play is one of the best ways to learn stuff. :-)

If you want to learn some practical things about editing photos for your blog, shop or maybe to make a self published book, do come play with us in the Light & Colour class.

The class starts on April 7th and runs for 8 weeks. You can sign up now and until April 1st.

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