Floss storage


For the longest time I have wanted a better storage solution for my embroidery floss than just keeping it in plastic bags. And I think I’ve found the perfect one! These clear acrylic drawers from Muji. They are really handy and just the right size for embroidery floss.

At the moment I only have two sets, just enough to hold my stash of the colours I use the most.


Handy little drawers. I plan on gradually adding more sets, so I can store (and see!) most of my floss. Or atleast the floss I am most likely to use. I probably won’t bother with drawers for browns and greys since I don’t use those colours very much.


What is really handy about the drawers is that you can pull them right out so you can see what’s in ’em. And seeing what is in them is good because then you can tell which colours you have plenty of. I’m looking at you, DMC 3819, definitely don’t need more of you for a while! ;-)

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