Happy new shop! Happy Christmas in July sale!

Polka And Bloom New Look

My shop has a new look, yay! For a while I have wanted to change a few things about it, but who has the time? Last week I just finally took the time. ‘We’re doing this now.’ Yes, ma’am! (Yes, I talk to myself…)

Old And New P+B

Here are the old and new shop looks side by side. When I took the screen shot of the old version I’d already changed the categories. There used to be a ‘Patterns’ category with a few sub-categories, but I don’t think that was the best way to organise things.

So in the new version all categories are top level. And I have added more categories. For example, the folk art inspired patterns have a category as do my snowflakes patterns. There is still an ‘All Patterns‘ category where you can browse all the individual patterns.

I also re-named a couple of categories. I used to have a ‘Vignettes and Curlicues’ category, but I’m not sure that made sense to anyone but me. I am still thinking about the perfect name for it, but for now I’m calling it ‘Decorative‘. If you have a great suggestion do leave a comment! :-)

The free patterns category has changed name from ‘Donationware Patterns’ to ‘Tip Jar Patterns‘. I think that sounds more fun. I took a cute picture for that category. Atleast I think it’s cute. Check it out at the bottom.

P+B Shop New Look

A big change, visually, is that now there are images for the categories on the front page, before they were only in the sidebar. The body of the front page used to show the products not in a category. Which was nice for showing latest products, but it looked kinda messy. And by having a ‘New‘ category, the new products can be both in that category as well as, say, ‘Folk Art Inspired’. So it feels more organised.

Another big change is the background. It used to be plain white, but that was a bit boring, so I put in a photo of an embroidery. It is an embroidery pattern shop after all. ;-)

Ever since I changed the logo for my shop last year I have wanted to change it. Which is silly. I spent quite a bit of time on making the old one, and I did like it, but something about it just wasn’t quite right. I really like the new one. It feels like me! And it didn’t take that long to make, go figure. Maybe I’ve been making it in my head over the past year without realising it… ;-)

The final change is the random ‘you might like this’ picture at the top right of the shop. I made the image a bit larger and added a quote from a customer who bought a particular pattern. (If you’ve bought a pattern or anything else from my shop, I’d love to hear what you think!)

Phew! Quite a lot of changes! But it feels really good to finally have done this. And it’s a nice way to kick off the upcoming summer holiday. :-)

So to celebrate the new look and because I like the slightly silly concept of Christmas in July, I’m having a sale in the shop. All through July you can save on all the digital products (patterns, pattern sets, ebooks) in my shop, even the pattern subscription!

If you spend under $20, there’s a 15% discount with this code: XMASJULYBLOG15
If you spend $20 and over, there’s 20% off with this code: XMASJULYBLOG20

Valid from July 3rd to July 31st. Applies to digital items only. Not valid for physical items or the Tip Jar category.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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