New tropical pattern coming soon

Tropical pattern in progress

This is a new pattern I am working on. I am not completely sure where the idea came from to do something with tropical fruits and parrots. But sometimes you just have to go with an idea. ;-)

I’m trying something new with this pattern: you can pre-order the pattern now and then I will email it to you by August 15th. It’s a bit like a mini subscription, I guess! If you pre-order the pattern before August 10th, the price is only $4.75 – after August 10th it will be $5.50.

I shared a really early version of the idea on Instagram. And then I started sketching citrus fruit, parrots, palm trees and beach accessories. As you do. ;-)

Tropical pattern in progress

This is the first version of the pattern. I liked it, but it just wasn’t quite right, so I started over. I used the same method as for the Frida Kahlo pattern, drawing elements separately on tracing paper and cut them apart to position them.

I decided that the beach accessories didn’t work for me, so I left those out and then it was easier to get things to look like they belong together. That’s always my goal: to make things look like they have always been combined just so. I don’t always succeed, but that’s what I strive for.

I do like the drawings I made of the beach things, although they didn’t make it into the pattern I’m stitching. They will be included as separate elements in the pattern file, so you can still stitch them yourself and use with the other parts of the pattern.

Pretty much every pattern I have ever done has been stitched on white fabric, but this is another new thing: I am stitching this on turquoise! Thank you to @rosemoomin for that suggestion. :-D

I am still pondering the name of the pattern. The working title is ‘Gaudy Tropical’ – but I don’t think that will be the final title. ‘Tropical Fruit Salad’ doesn’t work either because it would be weird to have parrots in a salad…

Pre-order the pattern now.

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