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Alphabet Motif Club

It’s time for another stitchy motif club: the alphabet! Something I have been thinking about for a while, but I kinda kept putting in the ‘some day’ pile, because I’m not a professional letterer and my handwriting isn’t the best.

But then I realised that the reason I want to do an alphabet isn’t so much to do pretty type (although that would be awesome!), but to decorate the letters. That’s what I want to do. Take fairly simple letters and make them look pretty with stitches!

If you don’t feel that confident in your lettering skills either, join me in the Alphabet Motif Club! With the power of pretty stitches we can make these letters look good! ;-)

You will receive 1 or 2 letters every Monday, starting on September 1st and the last one on December 22nd. Motifs etc will be emailed to you, using your Paypal address unless you tell me to use something else.

We will mostly be using basic stitches, but I’ll also share a few tutorials for perhaps lesser used stitches. Beginner stitchers are more than welcome to join in, but you will need to know the basics of embroidery and stitches like: back stitch, running stitch, French knot, daisy stitch, buttonhole stitch and chain stitch.

In this club there isn’t a final project to make, but I will share 3 tutorials/templates for smaller projects that can be embellished with letters. And of course you can use the letters for all kinds of other projects: quilts, bags, coasters, place mats, embellishing clothes and loads more.

So join me! Until September 15th it is only $7.00 for the club! After this date it will be $12.

You can join by clicking this Paypal button:

Or join via my shop and set up an account. This allows you to log in and download the motifs later as well as receive them by email.

Polka & Bloom Alphabet Motif Club

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