New in my shop :: Tropical pattern and Cross stitch

Tropical Frutti Paradise embroidery pattern

A couple of quick shop update-y things. Before I go outside and soak up a bit of sunshine. After autumnal weather last week, it’s now back to summer weather! :-)

So it’s fitting that I finally point you in the direction of the tropical pattern I was working on. Which now has a name: Tropical Frutti Paradise. Thank you to those who submitted suggestions! :-) The pattern has loads of extra motifs that didn’t actually make it into the stitched pattern. So this is kinda more like a motif collection than just an embroidery pattern.

Rococo Gelato Ornament Cross Stitch

And I guess we’re stitcking with a summery theme. This is my very first cross stitch pattern and it’s called Rococo Gelato Ornament. Because of the colours and the curly bits on the ‘frame’. I was actually watching the Grand Budapest Hotel when i started stitching this and the colours are definitely inspired by that. This being my first cross stitch pattern, if you buy it, I would love to know what you think. How can I improve it?

Alphabet Motif Club

Aaand, don’t forget, the Alphabet Motif Club started yesterday, with the first two letters – can you guess which ones? ;-)

You can sign up for the club at any time, but don’t forget that until September 15th it’s only $7 – saving 42%! Join us! :-)

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