2015 fabric calendar :: Pre-order now

2015 Calendar Fabric Panel-Polka and Bloom

The 2015 calendar panel is now available to pre-order. It will ship at the end of September.

The calendar measures: 13.4″ x 16.7″ (34 x 42.5cm). It is a little bit larger than previous years. The colours are tangerine, fuchsia and light blue. I’m really diggin’ orange at the moment… :-)

It is printed on cotton poplin, which is kinda like quilting cotton, but not quite. It has a smoother surface and is quite lovely.

It can easily be stitched on and embellished. Or left as is. You could also use it in a quilt to mark a special occasion: wedding, birth etc. :-)

2015 calendar sketches

The calendar changed quite a bit from my original sketch. Things don’t always work the same in a proper size as they do in a teeny tiny sketch. Or even in a slightly larger sketch.

I’m ok with that. I may be a control freak when it comes to some things, but I am happy to let the creative spirit do its thing.

2015 Calendar Fabric Panel-Polka and Bloom

Here is a close up of a few of the month ‘flowers’. I think I like January best and that sort of came about by a happy accident. Always take a second look at accidents and mistakes. They can be pure creative gold sometimes. :-)

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