Big sale in my shop – save up to 54%!

I am having a sale in my shop, because, to be honest, I need to pull together some extra funds. There’s a hole in our roof! And we need to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Not only because we don’t know if it’ll start leaking into the house. But you never know what might find its way into our house through the hole. On one occasion I could hear something hopping (!!) around in the loft. Later, when Tony went in the loft, he could see tell tale signs of a bird having been there.

Atleast it was just a bird. But where did it go? Was it able to get out? Has it kicked the bird bucket in our loft? Eek.

Yes, gotta get the roof fixed. So there’s a big sale in my shop.

Polka and Bloom Snowflake patterns

First of all, I have set up a ‘Special Sale‘ category where I have put together various crazy good deals. Like these 12 popular patterns which you can get for just $30 (saving over 50%).

Polka and Bloom patterns

Or all my snowflake patterns for just $25, again saving over 50%.

Polka and Bloom folk art inspired

Some of my folk art inspired patterns save you an even 50%.

On everything else, you can save 20% (except on the Special Sale category since that is already at reduced price) until Sunday, September 28.

Patterns, ebooks, pattern sets. Even the One of A Kind category with some of my handmade items.

To get 20% off, just use this code at checkout: FIXTHEROOF.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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