Tutorial :: Brooch from re-purposed earring

Earring to brooch
When I was 14, I bought a pair of earrings on a school trip. Pretty cool earrings! But not long after I lost one of them walking down a street. I walked back and looked for it but it was gone. For some reason I just couldn’t let go of the other one. It has followed me through growing up, several moves, even an overseas move. And I never got rid of it.

A little while ago it occurred to me… and yes, it only occurred to me now, so many many years later, that I should just turn it into something else. I first thought of making a ring, but decided on a brooch instead.

Seriously, how did I never think of re-purposing this earring before? Anyway, I thought I’d share how I did it. Not that it’s difficult or anything. ;-) But maybe you’ll be inspired to re-use something in your jewellery box.

Earring to brooch

You’ll need:
Earring (or other object)
Brooch pin
Super glue. Make sure to check that it will work with your object and the metal brooch pin.

Earring to brooch

Add a blob of glue to the earring and then press the pin into that.

Or however your glue works, check the packaging. Some types require glue on both, for example. And take care not to get super glue on your hands, clothes or in your eyes. That’s bad. Very, very bad.

You can see the glue coming through the holes in the pin. It didn’t dry completely, so I cut a tiny bit of felt to put on top and that made the glue harden. No picture of that, sorry. but you can probably imagine how it would look like.

Earring to brooch

So now I can wear this again, yay! I think what I love about it is the colours. So bright and bold. And the combination with the black.

I’m so happy this isn’t confined to the bottom of my jewellery box anymore! :-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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