6 years + 1 day

Food stuff - Sept 27

It was our wedding anniversary yesterday. Six years. Although we’ve been together for over 11 years. I love Tony more every day. And to be honest, I’d happily have married him the day we first met in persion (we were friends online first.)  :-)

Tony made us a nice breakfast with hash browns and homemade rolls. I had pålægschokolade on mine. It was still warm so the chocolate melted lovely-ly.

We had thought about going out for dinner, but then decided that it was probably wiser to stay home, what with the roof needing fixing and stuff.

Apart from it being the sensible choice, it was actually really nice. We got in ingredients to make nice food instead. I made a pizza for me, with lovely vegetables. Orange tomatoes! You won’t find that in many restaurants. ;-)

When I was preparing my pizza I had this happy feeling. A mix, I guess, of not being in a hurry, using nice ingredients (fresh chili, fresh basil!) and just having an all round lazy day with the sun streaming through the windows and open back door. What more do you really need?

Quilty stuff - Sept 27

A bit of quilting, perhaps. I spent a few chilled hours hours in the studio tidying my fabric scraps and then putting some of them to use in a scrappy block and some foundation paper piecing blocks. This is new to me, and I am completely hooked!

Aw, look at us. How time flies..
Brudebil - sepia
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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