Finally organising my fabric scraps

Fabric sScraps

Since most of my fabric returned to me, I thought I’d make an effort to tidy my fabric scraps. My system, before, was pretty much to just chuck any scraps into a drawer. Not sorting them or anything.

It was a pain to go through and everything was really wrinkly.

My new ‘system’ is a bunch of freezer bags. One each for tiny, small and medium scraps. As well as one for solids and then there’s a pile of quite large pieces which may or may not go into the shelves with the stash. Depends a bit on their sizes. For now the pile will be their home. Maybe I’ll find a use for them before they go in the stash proper.

Because it’s my intention to try and use up some of the scraps. And I have started one scrap busting project! I’ll show you that soon.

I also have a rather large bag of scraps that I’m not that keen on. Not sure what I’ll do with that. Could come in useful as random filler blocks or something. we shall see..

How do you organise/store your fabric scraps?

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