Old Stitches, New Tricks competition!

OldStitches New Tricks competition on &Stitches blog

Over on the &Stitches blog we recently kicked off a new embroidery competition called Old Stitches, New Tricks. This is the idea of the competition:

The theme of the competition is Old Stitches, New Tricks. We want to see where you will take something old and make it contemporary.

The ‘Old’ part can be anything: a pattern, a technique or stitch that isn’t used much any more. Maybe some ancient materials.

The ‘New’ means it must be used in a way that is quite different from the Old’s traditional use. The more imaginative the better. Go crazy!

Here’s a few examples: cross stitch made on chicken wire, an all neon version of a vintage embroidery pattern, oversized crewelwork. Anything goes as long as it will blow our minds. ;-)

We are really excited about this competition. We can’t wait to see what our readers make. Anyone can enter! The more creative-er the entries, the better. We love, love seeing creative, outside of the box embroidery. And that is what we want to encourage with this competition.

And there are prizes too, pretty awesome ones, if we do say so ourselves. Some really cool peeps have sponsored prizes for the three winners. Just take a look at this:


We think the prizes are so cool, we really wish we could enter ourselves! Do pop over to the &Stitches blog to read all about the rules and links to all the great prize sponsors.

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