2015 fabric calendars in the shop now!

2015 fabric calendar panel

The other day I received the printed 2015 fabric calendars and I am soooo happy with the result! I am always a little worried about having things printed for me because there’s always that little niggle at the back of my mind that maybe it will not be what I want.

Maybe the colours will be all wrong or the fabric is not a nice quality. And so on. But happily, all is well with the calendar. The fabric is scrumptious and the colours printed almost exactly like they looked on my computer. Yay!

2015 fabric calendar

The pre-orders have shipped already and there are just a few left of this batch. When you order a calendar you also get a randomly selected patch/label printed in the same orange and blue colours used in the calendar itself – or a light pink colour.

2015 fabric calendar panel
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