Not so fast Moroccan Tile quilt

Moroccan Tile Quilt - pattern by Amy Smart

I started this quilt in one of the workshops at the Fat Quarterly Retreat earlier this year. The pattern is by Amy Smart (she also taught the workshop) and it’s called Moroccan Tile. It is from Amy’s book called Fabulously Fast Quilts*.

Either I am really, really slow or the book’s title is wildly misleading, because now it’s October and I’m still working on this quilt top. Let’s go with the misleading book title, then it’s not my slowness that’s to blame for this taking so long. ;-)

Atleast I have made all the individual blocks now, although somehow they are smaller than they are supposed to be. Not sure how that happened. I guess the quilt will just be a bit smaller than planned.

I just have to get through one of my very least favourite steps, trimming the blocks, and then I can start sewing together the bigger picture. I’m really looking forward to finishing this because I love the combination of the fabrics and I can’t wait to see the finished result.

Do you ever find yourself with blocks that have turned out smaller than the pattern says they should be? Or is that just me? ;-)

*Affiliate Amazon link, yo.

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