Some things that inspired me this week – November 21

Ribbons, washi tape, pearl cotton

I *need* a Chocolate Notebook Collection. Right? And some Doughnotes. :-)

Guerilla mosaic artist fills Chicago potholes with mosaics. Love this.

This knitted hexagon blanket is pretty great. If only I had the patience to make something like that. :-)

Love the pattern and colours on this Christmas masking tape.

Very cool linguistic family tree.

Great post about Is It Worth It To Write A Craft Book? from Diane at Craftypod. From my own experience I can say that the answer is: Yes. No. Maybe. In other words, it’s complicated. ;-)

Our Own Private Germany. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a group of squatters from East and West set out to build their own unified Germany.

Heavy Metal T-shirts transformed into pretty spectacular quilts. {I got this link from…somewhere.. but can’t remember where/who. Thank you, anyway.}

A girl’s gotta eat: Spicy Vegan Potato Curry and Potato and pea curry with tomato and coriander. These are my go-to curry recipes. And I usually have them with my homemade vegan naan bread.

Book I am loving: Make It Mighty Ugly*. I’ll do a proper review when I am done reading it, but for now let’s just say: you will not regret reading this book. :-)

* affiliate link, yo.

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