New Classes: Oversize Blackwork

Blackwork cushion

First up in the new classes are two blackwork classes. You know I’m kinda obsessed with blackwork so I guess it was inevitable that I’d try and make others fall in love with it too. Especially *my* kind of blackwork. Which doesn’t use black at all (unless you want to) and which is oversized because I am totally in love with that.

In both classes I will give you an introduction to blackwork. Although we will mainly focus on pushing the boundaries of blackwork and not do the traditional kind.

Giant Blackwork Cushion Class
This class starts on Monday February 2 and and runs for 4 weeks. I will show you how to make a cushion like the one in the photo above. There will be tips and tricks for stitching the blackwork and also tutorials for making the cushion front and putting the whole thing together to make a lovely cushion with a zip on the back.

Giant Blackwork Mini Quilt Class
This class starts on Monday March 2 and and runs for 4 weeks as well. I am working on the sample quilt for the class at the moment, so unfortunately there isn’t one to show you. But imagine the effect of the cushion on a mini quilt. It’s going to be pretty sweet. ;-)

As well as doing the blackwork, I will show you how to put together the quilt top and the quilt itself. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from making a larger size quilt (the mini quilt will be approx. 18″x18″ (45x45cm). I will have some layout ideas for how you can use it in a larger quilt too.

Both classes will have their own dedicated blogs where I will post the lessons – and you can ask questions etc. You will be able to access the class material indefinitely afterwards.

Until December 21 you can save 10% on the classes by using this code: VATMESS.

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