Some things that inspired me this week – December 19

English sunrise

How to care for introverts. If you have an introvert in your life, for example a child or partner, you need to read this. It may just make life easier for both of you. :-)

Speaking of introverts, I am reading Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking* at the moment. It is really interesting.

Some really (really) impressive doodles.

Vegan recipe for iskonfekt a treat I loved when I was little (and older too), but haven’t had since I became vegan. Can’t wait to make these! (In Danish)

Speaking of vegan treats – how about these cornflakes and chocolate treats? (In Danish)

Are you on Ello? I’m carinascraftblog overthere. Not sure what to make of it yet. I guess it would help if I actually followed people.. Do say hello ‘ello if you use it!

How to make last names plural. Hint: it’s not difficult. ;-)

I donated to the Wikipedia Foundation. I use Wikipedia ALL THE TIME. It was about time I made a contribution. I don’t want to see ads on Wikipedia. Help keep it free and ad free by donating too.

This Cheesy Chickpea Omelet sounds delicious. Minus the mushrooms. I believe that mushrooms, like bananas, are evil. ;-)

*Amazon UK affiliate link, yo.

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