Temporary Shop Closure

Temporary shop closure

For the past 2-3 weeks I have been thinking and worrying about what to do regarding the impending EU VAT law. I have been angry and in denial about what is happening. There have also been a few tears of sheer frustration.

I’m not so fortunate that I can just stop selling PDF permanently, but obviously I don’t want to break any laws either! I am certain that there is a way to keep doing what I am doing, it may just look and work a bit differently. Because I am still trying to figure out exactly what my options are, I have decided to close my shop for all of January.

So if you want to buy any digital items from my shop, now is the time to get them!

Until 9pm December 31 (UK time), I have a sale in the shop. There are two ways to save:

Spend $60 or over and you will automatically get a 50% discount on your whole order, no code necessary. This applies to all shop categories.

If you spend less than $60, you can get 35% off by using this code: JANUARY15. It is valid for all categories in my shop except for these two: Stitchy Souvenirs and Online Classes.

I have to admit that it’s pretty terrifying to be looking at a month with basically no income. So go buy lots! ;-)

Along with the feelings of slight terror, I’m also a bit excited about the shop being on an (enforced) holiday. I’ll be able to do some other things on the back end as well as the VAT stuff. So it’s not all bad… And I may be able to get the shop back to normal-ish sooner than planned. Fingers crossed.

For those of you who have bought from my shop in the past, I am so grateful for your support. I hope you’ll join me in whatever shape the shop will take in the future. Thank you.

By the way! I have completely forgotten to share my latest pattern: Balloons in The Clouds.

Balloons in the Clouds pattern

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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