Fabric stash sorted – sort of

Fabric stash

It’s still all about working behind the scenes overhere. I’m happy to say that I have found a solution that will let me keep running my bizniz post VATMESS without too much extra work. Atleast once I’ve set it all up.

I’ve not had much time, or energy, to work on anything creative, so nothing pretty to share on the blog. Normally, I’d sit down with a bit of embroidery in the evening, but lately I’ve just plonked down on the sofa and watched ancient episodes of Law & Order with Tony.

But tomorrow I plan on having a bit of a day off! Maybe get started on a quilt idea I’ve had in my head for a while.

Speaking of quilts – or rather fabric for the quilts – how to you sort your fabric stash? At the moment mine is sorted by colour. Except for where I have a bunch from the same collection or by a certain designer. Like Denyse Schmidt for example. Or Leah Duncan. I think it makes sense to keep those together. Although that does mean that sometimes I forget that I have a particular.. green DS or whatever, because it’s not with the other greens.

And I have serious trouble cutting into some of the precious prints. How do you get over that? I don’t want to use it up because what if the Perfect Project comes along and I’ve already used the Perfect Fabric?? Hash tag fabrichoardersproblems. ;-)

Hopefully I’ll have something actually creative to show tomorrow or Saturday. If nothing else, a pile of cut fabric for that quilt. :-)

Happy Thursday, friends. xo

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