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Mini Embellishment Club

It is time for another embroidery club! It is called Mini Embellishment Club because the motifs are all like mini versions of my swirly, flouncy, filigree-like patterns. It will be a bit of colourful, happy stitchery fun in your inbox every Monday for 12 weeks.

The club starts on April 13 and the last motifs will be sent on June 29. The club is beginner friendly, we’ll only use stitches that most people are familiar with – or you can easily learn it with a quick Google search. :-)

You will receive 24 different motifs, 2 every week. You will also receive the instructions/template for 3 small projects where you can use the motifs. You don’t have to stitch the motifs each week, you can take your own sweet stitchy time. And speaking of time, it should be possible to complete each motif in 1-2 hours.

The stitched motif in the photo gives you an idea of what you will receive in the club. Lots of bright, happy colours! The motifs can of course be used in all kinda of ways, but they are especially great for embellishing clothes. Maybe putting several of them together to create a larger pattern.

For each motif, the pattern will include: a photo of the stitched motif, a black and white pattern, stitch guide and a colour version with the DMC colours I have used. Which you don’t have to use, btw. Nothing makes me happier than when you take my patterns for a ride and use completely different colours from me.

I am so excited about this club because it feels like I am going back to the sort of thing I made when this whole embroidery thing started for me. I hope you will join me!

Sign up right now to get all of this for just £4.00! (That’s approx. $6.00/5.50 Euro.) After April 1 that special price goes away forever.

But hang on a minute, there’s a way you can save 10% on top of that super low price! Tsoniki interviewed me for her podcast Me Being Crafty and we talked a bit about embroidery clubs and things like that. I have to admit I haven’t listened to the podcast because I don’t like the sound of my own voice. Visit the podcast post to find out how to save 10% – the offer ends tomorrow!

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