Weekend Inspiration – May 10

Random things that are green

The user manual for Nasa’s Apollo Lunar Rover!! I want to embroider ALL of the drawings. So cool.

Have you ever heard of Google’s Flights site? I have no travel plans, but I can’t stop clicking the ‘I feel lucky’ button to see what random place I could go to.

Tree Change Dolls. Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh upcycles discarded dolls and makes them look human beings and not freaky things with big eyes and way too much makeup. Love this.

Mary Corbet over at Needle’n’Thread has a really cool trick for protecting embroidery projects. Scroll down about halfway on the page to see it. Definitely trying this for my next large embroidery.

Another Gogole product you might not know: Keep. It’s Google’s note taking site/app. I’ve been using it for a little while and it’s pretty awesome. I’ll probably do a whole post about it at some point. Yup, that’s how much I like it. :-)

Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. I love the Tom Hanks on (around 0:54). “Oh, boo hoo.” [Language possibly NSFW.]

Marisa over at Omiyage blogged about her version of the Mini Embellishment Club patterns. Love the colours she’s using! (PS You can sign up for the Club right here and get stitching too.)

Badass Lady Creatives. A great collection of, well, badass lady creatives.

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