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Where I work...

Claire posted about her creative work space the other day, and some general thoughts about how important it is to show who you are as a small business, especially when it’s just you, one person. Something I wholeheartedly agree with. It just doesn’t seem genuine to refer to us/we when it’s just you in your pyjama bottoms all day at a laptop as Claire put it. Not that one person business people generally sit around in pyjamas, but you get the idea!

In the spirit of showing what they work space of a one woman band business looks like, I thought I’d share mine.

Where I work...

Say hello to my desk. Remember I posted about it before and predicted that it wouldn’t stay tidy for long? ;-) And this is actually pretty tidy. Also say he!lo to the washing and the vacuum cleaner. And the fold up bed. Such nice inspiring company. Sadly those things don’t have better places to live at the moment.

Where I work...

The other side of the room with the desk. Oooh boy, proper messy. I do try and keep the surface clear by the window because that’s where I often take pictures. A lot of this stuff should be in my studio, but we gutted that a couple of months ago to sort out the flooding issue.

Where I work...

This is where I do most of my embroidery, in the back bedroom. Its south facing so it has the best natural light, even in cloudy conditions. And Blake usually joins me, taking a nap while I stitch.

Where I work...

And we’re not done yet. Here is my sewing desk/shelves. At the moment it’s in the conservatory while the studio is being sorted out. It’s not the best place for it and I really need to make some curtains or something for the shelves to protect the fabric from the sunlight. The conservatory isn’t the most pleasant place to work because it gets pretty hot. Even before midday and the sun doesn’t have to be particularly bright either.

If I’m honest, the desk is mainly used for storage at the moment because Tony’s bike is parked in front of it at night and on weekends so its not easy to get to. And there’s more studio stuff under the desk.

To be honest, it’s a pain in the arrrse to be so scattered and messy all over the house, but at the same time I feel so fortunate that we actually *do* have a house. That we do have more than one room where I can work.

But I can’t wait to get the studio sorted so I can tidy up and get nice place to work. It will probably still be messy, but atleast it will be more contained. :-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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