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Floss box

Here’s a thing I thought I’d never do: wind my floss on bobbins. Or atleast not *a lot* of floss. I have a small floss box with a small selection of floss wound on bobbins. Anyway, a little while ago I suddenly found myself with a larger floss box and a bunch of plastic bobbins and I was winding away.

I am still not convinced that I will keep all my floss like this (this is nowhere near all of it I have to admit!), but it does look pretty like this. And very organised. Let’s see how long it lasts. ;-)

Floss bobbin

A little tip for keeping the colour number together with the floss: tape the label onto the bobbin (I recommend the plastic ones) with masking tape before winding the floss. That way the label won’t get lost when there’s not enough floss to hold it on. :-)

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