Screen printed scrap packs in my shop

Screen printed scraps

I had plans. Big plans. It was going to be awesome. My new thing. Screen printing designs for embroidering on that would be available as kits. Yes! I had been thinking about it ever since the fat quarterly retreat last summer when I took a screen printing workshop with Karen Lewis.

I got some materials: screen printing screen, squeegee, fabric etc etc. It took me a little while to find the time to get to printing. But then one day I was like, today’s the day. I was going to print fabric and it was going to be awesome.

Except that it wasn’t. Most of the prints didn’t look as good as I had hoped. No doubt because of my lack of experience. I was disappointed nonetheless. How could I have messed up this much when the smaller prints I had done in the workshop had gone so well?

For weeks I couldn’t even look at the pile of screen printed, not quite right, fabrics. I felt like such a failure. I had wasted fabric. The prints were not up to the standard I wanted for my kits. I hate wasting materials. I felt sooo stupid.

At the moment I don’t have a lot of spare time or space in the house to give it another go and improve my technique. So one day I decided I had to let it go. I had to stop beating myself up over this ‘failure’. Leave it for now. Move on. And I have.

Screen printed scraps

But I still have all that screen printed fabric sitting in a pile. Some of it I will use in a quilt, I’ve already made the top!

The rest I have put in my shop as ‘seconds’. There are a few ‘panels’ and some scrap packs. It’s not the kits I was dreaming of but atleast its something. So if you fancy something to embellish with stitches, or use in a quilt, head on over and check it out. Each panel or pack is unique and will never be repeated.

Go snap one up and make me feel a wee bit better about this whole thing. :-D

Stitching on screen print
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