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We recently decided to close the &Stitches blog (or atleast stop updating it). It was a difficult decision, but the right one. However, we still want to share stitchy fun and exploring with others, so the &S team is hosting a stitchalong this year. You can find the schedule for the stitchalong right here, where you can also download a template to use.

Every couple of weeks one of us will post a stitchy prompt to fill one 1″ square. So not very labour intensive, even the busiest of bee can find time for that. ;-)

If you’ve come over from the &Stitches blog, hi! And a very warm welcome!

I have the pleasure of starting the stitchalong and in the image above you can see my first square. The prompt I have for you is this: take two stitches (simple or complicated, it’s up to you) and make a repeating pattern with it.

In my example I have combined fly stitch and cross stitch. Very simple stitches but fun to do. Come back next Monday and I’ll show you the finished square.

In the mean time, have fun making upi your own stitch combinations and share them on Instagram with the tag: #andstitchesalong. You can also use the tag on Twitter and Flickr. Find me on Instagram as @carinacraftblog.

In a couple of weeks, Julie will serve up the next prompt. :-)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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