Friday Links :: Lazy weekend, frozen yogurt, lovely music

Blake ‘how can you not give me treats’ face presents this week’s lovely links:

How to be happier. Adam J. Kurtz on Design*Sponge.

All-purpose appliqué board. Brilliant idea.

Permission for a guilt-free lazy weekend. I need one of those! :-)

DIY pink(!) shibori cushion. So pretty!

For a while, my friend Susie has been exploring clay and I love it. I love what she’s making. And I may have a bit of pottery envy. ;-)

Rose and rhubarb frozen yogurt. Doesn’t that sound divine?

How to remove stolen images from alibaba and other things I’ve had to teach myself. By Susie Gharemani of boygirlparty.

If you’re in the UK you may have heard the Stargazing ad for Sky. I kept humming the song to myself so I had to find out who the singer was. Her name is Susie Lopez and I’ve been listening to her EP, While We Wait, on repeat for a week. Love it. Here’s the Show Me song from the EP.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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